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Facilities Tennis Courts

1. Tennis shoes must be worn, not hard serrated-soled trainers which can damage the courts.


2. Shoe tags must be worn as proof of membership.


3. Appropriate tennis/sports clothing should be worn.


4. During Club sessions, members are expected to 'mix in'. Doubles takes precedence over singles.


5. Members may bring up to three guests each membership year. Members are only permitted to bring one guest at a time.


6. Children under 11 years of age should be under the supervision of an adult member.


7. Good behaviour is expected at all times.


8. When moving between courts, care should be taken not to disturb the play of others.


9. Players use the courts at their own risk.

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10. Plastic bottles and other waste must not be left on the courts.


11. Ensure that the club house and gates are locked when leaving the courts.

Some suggested excuses for when you are not playing at your best


1. I haven't played for a while.

2. Racket needs restringing

3. Just had my racket restrung

4. Sun was in my eyes

5. Bad light (also a favourite among cricketers)

6. No clouds in the sky, hard to range ball toss

7. Heavy balls (an excuse also used among female members)

8. Old balls

9. New balls (such a luxury can be off putting to those who  

    have tailored their game to the preceding ball type)

10. Used to playing doubles / singles

Club Rules